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Mute Noisy Lines Using Star Controls

You can use the mute command to silence noisy lines. This is recommended when conferencing with large numbers of individual participant lines.

While participants can press *6 on the telephone touch-pad to mute or un-mute their own lines, hosts can press *96 to mute all participant lines. After pressing *96, you will have two options:

  • Press 1 to mute all lines but allow participants to un-mute their line at any time using *6.
  • Press 2 to maintain muting across all participant lines. In this case, participant lines will remain muted until the host un-mutes all lines using the *97 command. 

With either option, a recorded message informs all participants that mute has been activated. Similarly, when *97 is pressed by a host, a recorded message informs all participants that mute is deactivated.

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