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Conferencing: Microsoft Office Live Meeting
Microsoft Office Live Meeting Audio Integration In this topic:Automatically connect web users to the audio conference with Premiere Audio Integration and control the conference from within the web interface.

Premiere Global offers Microsoft® Office Live Meeting web conferencing service in conjunction with our on-demand audio conferencing solution, ReadyConference Plus®. Live Meeting call controls are accessible via an easy-to-use web interface that provides hosts with full desktop control of all elements of a virtual group meeting.

This integrated solution empowers users to manage their audio conference call directly from the Live Meeting web interface with high-value features, including:

  • Dial-out capabilities to place attendees into the audio conference call
  • Dial-out capabilities to add additional participants to the conference
  • Individual controls for mute and unmute
  • Additional presenter controls including mute all, the ability to remove selected participants from the meeting, and the ability to lock a call for increased security

Configuring PGi Audio Integration with Live Meeting

It is easy to enable Premiere Global’s audio integration with Live Meeting. Simply follow the following steps when scheduling a meeting through the Live Meeting interface:

  1. Log into your Live Meeting conference center using your login credentials.  
  2. Click Schedule a Meeting.
  3. From the Schedule a Meeting interface, select the Meeting Options button.
  4. Select the “Audio” configuration option.
  5. Select Premiere Global as the conferencing provider. Then enter your ReadyConference Plus toll number, toll-free number and passcode into the appropriate fields. 
    Note: If you logged into Live Meeting through PGiMeet, the audio numbers and passcodes should already be entered into the appropriate fields.
  6. Select Set as Default to save this configuration. Then select OK to continue scheduling your meeting. This audio configuration has now been saved for subsequent meetings.

Using PGi Audio Integration with Live Meeting

Now that audio integration is configured, you may manage your ReadyConference Plus audio conferences through the Live Meeting web conferencing interface by simply following these steps:

  1. Presenters and attendees can join the audio conference with just one click. Click Join Conference and enter the number at which you would like to be called into the fields provided. The system will place you directly into the conference. Once you are placed into the conference, a telephone icon shows who is on the audio call.
  2. Conference Call Details are displayed in the “Meeting” pane in the task bar for those who dial into the conference.
  3. Presenters and attendees control the audio conference through the Live Meeting interface. Presenters and attendees may mute and unmute their own lines by right-clicking on their names in the “Attendee” pane. In addition, the presenter can perform the following actions:
    1. Mute All Except Me. This can be performed by selecting the “voice” drop down in the “Attendee” pane.
      Note: The presenter cannot unmute these participants. They must unmute themselves.
    2.  Mute Participant. This can be performed by right-clicking the participant’s name and selecting “mute” from the menu.
      Note: The presenter cannot unmute participants. They must unmute themselves.
    3.  Lock Conference. The presenter can lock the audio and web meeting to block additional participants from joining. This can be enabled by selecting the Lock button under the Meeting pane in the task bar. Select Unlock to unlock the conference. 
    4. Call Someone. The presenter can dial out to individuals and add them to the audio conference. Select Invite -> Call Someone under the “Attendee” pane, then enter the number you would like the system to dial. 
    5. Remove from Meeting. This can be performed by right clicking the participant’s name and selecting Remove from Meeting from the menu. This participant will be removed from both the audio and web meeting. 
    6. Exit and End Meeting. This will end the meeting and remove all participants and presenters from the audio and web meeting. Select the Exit and End Meeting button under the Meeting pane.
  1. Premiere Global’s audio services are fully-integrated with Live Meeting’s Virtual Breakout Rooms. As one of Live Meeting’s new features, virtual breakout rooms enable web conferencing attendees to break into sub-groups during a Live Meeting session.

The presenter places each attendee into a designated breakout room, and can easily roam between rooms to make announcements and address attendees in each specific breakout session. When the breakout room capability is enabled, Premiere Global audio will automatically follow each participant into their designated breakout room, automatically initiating the appropriate audio sub-conference. Premiere Global audio supports the movement of participants between breakout rooms and back into the main conference. Premiere Global audio also supports the Live Meeting maximum of 15 breakout rooms.

For security purposes, both the audio and web portions of the conference are locked once the breakout rooms are enabled by the host. During the breakout sessions, no additional participants may join the meeting. When breakout sessions are completed, the audio and web conferences are automatically unlocked.

It is recommended that once a breakout room session is initiated by the host that the Live Meeting interface be used exclusively to manage the integrated audio and web session. It is not recommended that the host attempt to use DTMF tones to manage the audio sub-conference separately from the Live Meeting breakout rooms.

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UPDATED: 07/15/2011
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